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REACH (the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals Regulation) is a legislative framework that came into force in June 2007. REACH is a single framework that regulates chemicals in the European Union (EU). REACH has a key role in protecting human health and the wider environment.
The predominant aim of the REACH framework is to regulate the use and risks from hazardous chemicals. REACH provides a framework for registering hazardous chemicals, manufacturers and/or importers are therefore required to register substances with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). These substances are for example added to a cohesive Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern.
Burgess Colours and Compounds is a compliant downstream user, we are a ‘natural or legal person established within the community, other than the manufacturer or importer, who uses substances, either on its own or within a mixture, in the course of industrial or professional activity’. Since REACH inception the company has continuously considered the impact of the REACH framework. As a manufacturer we place great responsibility in understanding and managing the risks associated with the use of chemicals. We have a solid commitment to eradicate any extremely hazardous substance from our manufacturing processes. We also ensure every chemical used in our factory is pre-registered or registered – this is a legal requirement.
Burgess Colours takes great pride in effectively managing the various chemicals used in our manufacturing processes. If applicable we deliberately communicate our planned uses of the substances that we purchase to our suppliers, the overriding aim is that our suppliers include our uses within their chemical safety assessments and relevant documentation supplied to us. If applicable we also inform our suppliers to our knowledge with information on hazards, including classifications and labelling. Our objective is to strictly adhere to any risk management measures and procedures that are passed down to us in our supply chain. We are in constant communication with all our suppliers to ensure there is complete compliance throughout the supply chain.
It is also our policy to keep all our customers fully informed of our REACH obligations and relevant updates. We take the steps to provide our customers with comprehensive information on the hazards of chemicals, safe conditions of use, and risk management measures through Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Ultimately once each user in the supply chain has fulfilled their obligations, any applicable safety information will reach the end-user.
Burgess Colours and Compounds is continuously monitoring the latest developments regarding Brexit and the new UK REACH regime. We understand that anxiety may arise, however, we are in continuous discussion with our current suppliers and customers regarding any potential changes to the regulatory framework. Our objective is to work closely with our stakeholders in regard to any REACH changes and nurture our existing business relationships.
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