Antimicrobial Technology Added To Our Portfolio

Burgess Colours & Compounds based in Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire are one of the leading masterbatch suppliers in the UK and are proud to announce that the company has expanded their product range by adding antimicrobial masterbatches. The antimicrobial technology works by binding to the cell wall and then interrupts enzyme production by releasing silver ions on demand as a result bacteria cannot be multiplied.

Tony Deaville Sales Director explains “Since antimicrobial technology in plastics is such a growing market, adding antimicrobial into our product range allows us to meet that demand”

And with working collaboratively with Biomaster, the leading supplier of antimicrobial additives. The bacterial-inhibiting additive in the masterbatch can be used in a wide range of different products. In addition what makes it effective is that the additive works for the lifetime of the products when wet or dry. And so having the skill, technology and expertise we can put this additive into any polymer.

Making things easier for the customer we offer masterbatch samples free-of-charge to test, or test plaques of your chosen polymer incorporating the biomaster antimicrobial additive.

Finally the product can easily work with the injection moulding, blow & film extrusion, and rotational moulding process. And for testing on efficacy to ISO standard it will be conducted at the leading independent laboratory.

The introduction of this new product demonstrates Burgess Colours has still ongoing commitment to driving innovation and delivering a continually improved service for its customers.

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