Increasing Focus On Black Masterbatch

Burgess Colours & Compounds based in Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire are one of the leading suppliers of masterbatch in the UK. And so Burgess Colours are pleased to announce that the black masterbatch in which we can supply is currently being marketed at a very competitive price.

The PE black masterbatch can be supplied from one tonne lots up to truck loads. In addition the PE black has an excellent dispersion. Our black masterbatch range means that we can supply a specific grade which has the correct percentage of carbon loading which is specific to your process and application. Most common grades are our 40% & 50% carbon loading grades.

Tony Deaville, Sales Director explains “I am very excited about this new insight into our black masterbatch and so our aim is to supply this great product into many companies along with a very competitive price tag.”

And so the PE black masterbatch works well with many applications but was originally designed for for use in PE injection moulding, extrusion,compounding and film. With this in mind, you can have the reassurance that this product will work in many markets/sectors of the plastics industry such as medical, pharmaceuticals, toys and recycling to name a few.

As a result currently we are at the stage of being a main supplier of black masterbatch in the UK market but we do we have the confidence that our black masterbatch will expand in both UK to reach market leader but also in export markets.

Finally the company can also offer white, colour and additive masterbatches in very competitive prices and very flexible options to suit your application. For more information or a price pleas

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