Burgess Colours Work With StikStay & Southwest Polymer Supplies To Develop Product

Burgess Colours & Compounds one of the leading suppliers of master-batch in the UK, based in Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire. Working with StickStays Ltd and Southwest Polymer Supplies [UK] Ltd we have been able to supply the master-batch with an antimicrobial additive to help in the design process of the device. By working closely with StickStays Ltd, Southwest Polymer Supplies [UK] Ltd have been able to advise on material selection and by identifying the pantone reference that the customer requires, Burgess Colours and Compounds using their colour matching facilities have provided a proprietary master-batch that meets and exceeds the customers requirement. A prerequisite for StickStays Ltd is that the material being used for the product has antimicrobial properties. This is particularly important when entering in the healthcare sector as any product could be a potential breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

Kieran Deaville, Head of Marketing comments “With myself working in both sales & marketing we are thrilled to be working alongside these companies to bring this fantastic product into the industry”

StickStays is a walking stick holding device that can to be easily adapted to be used about the home, to suit a variety of situations for holding the stick upright for its user. The flexibility in the design of the product allows for It can to be secured to either the arm of a favourite chair or sofa which has a detachable cushion. It can also be attached to the side of the fridge or similar surface while its user works in the kitchen and of course, the StickStay can be screwed into any wall such as in the bathroom, so conveniently holding the stick while the user bathes, showers or goes to the loo.

Thise ingenious product which has been designed by Caroline Brown former nurse for the national health service. And working in the community in and around the Dorset and Devon villages, she became aware of the many conditions affecting her patients and what cause them difficulties; often anxiety of their impending loss of independence.

With mainly targeting towards the medical sector within the industry the mission is to have one in every business throughout the United Kingdom; in all hospitals both NHS and Private, every Nursing and Residential home., This simple and incredibly helpful little device was designed with guidance from the HDTI (Health Design & Technology Institute) at Coventry University, who have a track record of designing in this field.

Unfortunately today for many users of walking sticks it is known that they are easily knocked over making it then a struggle for the user to pick it up, as a result injury could be made. And so this product is cutting down the risk and ensuring more people are helped with their disability.

Finally Mike Thompson, Director of Southwest Polymer Supplies comments” working this closely with both Burgess Colours and Compounds Ltd, StickStays Ltd and Borrow-Longain International Ltd who have been engaged to develop the market, is an absolute pleasure. With the product due to be launched in the next couple of months we can rest assured that Burgess will deliver the masterbatch to the exacting requirements of Caroline and the StickStays company.

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