Spring Colour Trends 2017/18

Burgess Colours & Compounds introduces to you seasonal colour trends of SPRING 2017/18. Things are brightening up for Spring, the fields are a glade green, staffs of slim light spilled from the sky & the blossom sweet taste. This spring colour trend sbrochure moves away from intensive tones to a much softer but brighter palette

All colours are available in a wide variety of polymers, colour samples/plaques can be sent to you for your approval. We feel that for our customers, producing something unique and different such as our exclusive winter colour trends brochure in which they can present to their customers. Allows them and their product to stand out within the market this Spring.

Each colour can also be specified with a wide range of different additives - UV, fragrance, antimicrobial, antistatic to name a few. All 15 colours are available instantly, samples or approval plaques are free of charge. The autumn colours are formulated in a wide range of different polymers.

Tony Deaville adds "We are currently the only masterbatch supplier in the north of the UK to offer a product like this to the plastics industry which makes us more favourable to be your supplier of masterbatch"

Email us today with your details (sales@burgesscolours.co.uk) for your free copies or call for any further information that you may require (+44 (0) 1782 819670)

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